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ODP LinkSpider

Checking a page for broken links

LinkSpider is a tool that helps you check the validity of links on a web page. Its default parameters are selected to provide the most useful check of ODP pages, along the lines of the DeMozulator.

Enter the URL of any page, the links of which you want to check, or an ODP category in almost any form.
Enter a list of keywords, eg. words found on adult pages, if you want pages containing the keywords to be marked.

Advanced Options (click the Advanced button)

Enter a regular expression matching url's to include in the checking, even if they are excluded by the next condition. Yahoo example: which is Yahoo's url redirect.
Enter a regular expression matching url's to exclude from the checking, for instance the site's own url or url's matching other search engines. Yahoo example: yahoo|yimg denoting the server itself and its image server.

- If you checkmark Check non-http, links like mailto and ftp are checked too.
- If you checkmark Check local links, LinkSpider will also check not absolutely qualified links (local relative links).
- If you checkmark Show errors only, LinkSpider will suppress listing of working links (green), showing only links with warnings (yellow) and errors (red).
- LinkSpider will as default parse your input string to see if it is a list of url's to check. If you checkmark Disable MulitiUrl, this feature will be disabled, to allow you to enter url's containing eg. commas.
- If you checkmark Count Dmoz, LinkSpider will count and show the number of times the url is listed in You can use this to locate multiple listings, but also to help you in link mining, eg. when LinkSpidering a page from another catalog.
- Checkmark Verbose output to see further information from the spidered pages, eg. title and meta description and keywords.
- You can set some useful defaults for search engines and various fields with the provided dropdown menus.

On the result page you can click the Right to go to an url, or click the url address to continue the check there. For ODP categories you can click to edit each link, or to invoke my RoboSpider tool for erroneous links. Finally useful statistics are shown.

General bookmarklet for this tool: LinkSpider This
Bookmarklet testing porn keywords: PornSpider This
Special Google bookmarklet: LinkSpider Google Result

Spider Tools by wkn since September 2000.
Go to Spider Tools list and support.
Part of LinkSpider is based on the Kung-Foo link checker.

    Copyright 2001-4 Werner Knudsen. Last update 2004-11-28.