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Victor Borge Sound Clips

On this page you will find some Borge - related sound clips and videos. If your browser meets certain requirements you can hear them below.

Ignaz Friedmann: Wiener Tanz No. 2 Play
The "serious" side of Victor Borge is exposed in this previously unpublished live recording from the 70's. Enjoy his brilliant and sensitive piano playing.
Denmark, my Native Land (I Danmark er jeg født) Play [.ram]
Play [.au]
Music by Henrik Rung to the words of Hans Christian Andersen. Arranged and performed by Victor Borge in a beautiful and melancholy way.
Java-applets not supported.
Video: Victor Borge's visit to Denmark, 1997 Play [.ram]
Pictures from Borge's visit to Denmark, 1997. Accompanied by Victor Borge. Video courtesy of TV2/Denmark.
Video: Victor Borge Portrait Play [.ram]
Portrait from 1997, sent in Danish television TV2. Spoken in Danish. Video courtesy of TV2/Denmark.
Happy Birthday Play [.ram]

Victor Borge performs "Happy Birthday" (available on the CD "Live!" (see the CD page). To listen to .RAM files you will need the latest Real Player, available from www.real.com. Look for the "Free Player" button.

Phonetic Punctuation Play [.ram]

Victor Borge explains his "Phonetic Punctuation system". A punctuated short story is available on the CD "Live!" (see the CD page).

From "Comedy in Music" Play [.au]
Java-applets not supported.
A Mozart Opera Play [.au]
Java-applets not supported.
"Buy another ticket" Play [.au]
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Family Background Play [.au]
Java-applets not supported.
Victor Borge Suite (Carl Bertram, Hal 486) Play Real Audio [.ram]
Play Midi [.mid]
This suite is not played by Victor Borge. It is a tribute by Carl Bertram, originally published as a midi file but now improved, rearranged and presented as Real Audio.

What's needed to hear the clips?

You will (of course) need a computer equipped with a sound capabilities. If you browser can run Java applets, you can use the "Play" buttons that will show up. You can also use the icons to hear the clips with an appropriate browser plugin or helper application.

To listen to .ram files you will need the latest Real Player, available from www.real.com. Look for the "Free Player" button.

Clips of the .au type can be heard through any sound card or even a PC speaker. To hear .mid clips you need sound setup that is able to handle Midi sound.

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